At Tree Diagnostics we provide a range of equipment for further investigation of your trees and help you answer the question “Is that tree safe?”.


We offer a range of equipment, systems and training  including:

  • Stress Wave Timmer – Microsecond Timer
  • Sonic Tomography – Arborsonic 3D Tomograph
  • Electronic Impedance Tomography – ArborElectro
  • Sonic Wood Quality Systems – TreeSonic timers &  Ultrasound Timers,
  • Static Tree Stability Assessment – Tree Pulling
  • Dynamic Tree Stability Assessment – DynaTree & DynaRoot
  • Wind recording systems – Cup & Ultrasonic Anemometer
  • Sonic Root Detectors

Alternatively, if you prefer, we can undertake these assessments on your behalf. At Tree Diagnostics™  we specialise in detailed further investigation sometime referred to as level 3 assessments, providing assessments based upon evidence and site-specific appraisals, techniques include:

  • Detailed Sonic Tomography using up to 64 sensors, combined with Biomechanic information
  • Electronic Impedance Tomography using up to 32 sensors
  • Static load testing (Tree Pulling tests) for tree and root stability testing
  • DynaTree – Wind-powered tree stability testing
  • DynaRoot – Wind-powered Rootplate stability testing
  • Tree root mapping using both Sonic Root Mapping &
  • Tree Radar  – Ground-Penetrating Radar
  • Thermal Imaging to identify vascular dysfunction and biological activity
  • Tree vitality testing using chlorophyll fluorescence readings
  • In addition to a range of soil and nutrient testing

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Occasionally, trees just like any living organism can have issues that need an investigation to enable better-informed decisions, concerning their management or safety. Some problems cannot be commented on accurately by simply looking, kicking, or hitting with a mallet. Just as a Doctor would refer us for further testing before a diagnosis is arrived at or therapy is proposed. As managers, we often need more detailed information upon which to make balanced decisions.

Up to date further investigation enables us to provide you with an improved level of information and allows us to provide an informed and balanced management of the trees. The removal of doubt helps avoid knee jerk recommendations and the early needless loss of trees.

The arboricultural industry appears divided when it comes to trees hosting decay fungi and defects. We have seen the negative aspects of “If in doubt have it out” and the impacts or ‘risk-adverse’ approaches.

Tree Diagnostics Ltd offers the industry an alternative, our tools, equipment, and knowledge can prove or disprove the safety of a tree-based on the site conditions, trees characteristics, and test data rather than just a feeling or opinion.

Using our latest addition, the Ground-Penetrating Radar system (GPR) we can map tree rooting through soft or hard surfacing to an accuracy of 1cm taking the guesswork out of where trees are rooting in pre-development surveys, neighbour disputes, and subsidence claims.

Using the Fakopp range, our ‘go-to tool’ The Arborsonic 3D allows tree decay in stems and large limbs to be scanned and provide a tree safety factor calculated using the specialist software with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Our tree stability assessments include traditional tree pulling tests alongside, natural wind-powered testing using an anemometer and very detailed sensors to detect the slightest movements, with no applied force required.  These systems provide a tree safety factor and can be framed within either the expected local wind loading using published data or we can assume worse case scenarios such as a force 12 Gale or 33m/s or 72mph to suit your protocols.

When there is no wind, stability testing can be completed on trees using the ‘Tree Pull’ method by placing a known load onto the tree with a winch along with sensors making stability testing possible all year round.

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